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The Marketing Quagmire Dilemma - 10/1/2010
By David Johnson

Quagmire, noun [kwag-mahyuh r]:

1. a soft wet area of land that gives way under the feet; bog

2. an awkward, complex, or embarrassing situation

Do you ever wonder how you should spend your advertising budget? Are you bombarded by advertising opportunities all claiming to give you the best bang for your buck? Do you ever feel like sticking your head in the sand hoping the dilemma will just go away? If so, you are not alone – many business owners today are in the marketing quagmire. They, like you, know that advertising is more important than ever. So how can you get yourself back onto firmer ground and build a strong advertising foundation for your business?

It is simple – Krueger Graphics wants to help. Karla Krueger has spent 26 years investing her talents in businesses throughout Rock County and beyond. Karla is passionate about helping businesses because she knows that healthy businesses are the bedrock of our communities. This is not a job for Karla, it is her gift. Karla’s philosophy is to be proactive rather than reactionary when making vital advertising decisions. With 26 years of business under her belt Karla knows
what works and what doesn’t. Why not let her gift work for you?

How? Let her be your Monthly Marketing Maven. She will meet with you monthly and offer private, honest, and confidential advice about your marketing. This service is particularly useful to business decision makers such as Terri Roessler, CEO/CFO of Janesville’s United Alloy, Inc. who said:

“Karla is not only an expert in what she does, she consistently reaches out with new ideas (beyond the scope of the current project) and is extremely enthusiastic about every
project. Her straight forward approach and can-do attitude is more positive than any other outside contractor I deal with. It is not ‘work’ with Karla ¬ it is successful, effective
accomplishment ¬ project after project.

She treats UAI as an extension of her own business. Her ability to completely embrace our needs, evaluate the situation, and offer effective solutions within our budget is

Karla Krueger is truly an extension of staff at United Alloy, and I am ecstatic that she is on my team.”

Not only will Karla help you sift through all the advertising opportunity hype, she will help you formulate a logical and comprehensive plan. A plan that is systematically designed to increase your business while staying within your budget. Then she will keep you on track by holding you accountable to that plan.

By meeting with Karla on a monthly basis your business will benefit from her consistent and reliable input. Let’s face it, we all know it is easier to see into the fish bowl than to see out, and this is what Karla brings to the table. By looking at your business from the outside she can bring in fresh ideas from a non-biased view. She can point out strengths and weaknesses honestly and without judgment. Her gift is to highlight your best qualities and to correct any weaknesses. Karla can be a confidant from the unique perspective of not being an employee. The key benefit of this gift to you is that while employees might err to the side of caution in their input Karla can be a straight shooter. Think about your best friend – though you may not want to hear something they will tell you because they honestly care. So does Karla. For a quarter century many successful area businesses have benefitted from her sage advice.

To find out more Call Karla @ Krueger Graphics, Inc. 608.755.1704 OR 608.290.0000

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